How I work

I have a background in philosophy and have always approached life from this perspective. I believe psychotherapy to be deeply rooted in philosophy as it addresses what it means to be alive, how we relate to one another and our understanding of ourselves in the world.

Existential psychotherapy explores our being in the world and the meaning we give it. I like to explore things with curiosity, openness and empathy in therapy. I encourage acceptance, change and questioning set ways of thinking and being.

I believe that change and transformation are possible through understanding our experiences, creating an openness whereby we can accept ourselves and by challenging our own assumptions about how we think life should be.

I always aim to provide my clients with the space to be heard and to help them find their own ways to lead more balanced, meaningful and authentic lives.

I work both long-term and short-term, and am able to incorporate more solution based work depending on your needs.