About me

I have been interested in mental health, existence and the world all my life. Having suffered from anxiety, depression and my own personal difficulties from a very early age and I have always felt very aware of myself, others and the world. This spurred me to explore my confusion and curiosity in the world, people and the interconnectivity between us all. Working in various caring and teaching capacities I found a way of accepting, developing and understanding myself and others.

I have worked as a support worker, teacher and psychotherapist and have lived and taught in both in the UK and abroad for over 10 years. I am interested in different cultures, perceptions of trauma and meaning in life. I like to travel, learn and push my own boundaries of what feels comfortable.

In addition to my private work, I currently work for Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) as a Counsellor and Wellbeing Practitioner offering one-to-one support and groups for adults and for YMCA offering counselling for young people.

I practice meditation, yoga, body psychotherapy and exploring our being; I believe we are all constantly developing and evolving, and my aim is to always learn, find meaning and enjoy as much of the process as I can. But I am real about it too, I don’t sit on some weird therapeutic-yoga-philosophical pedestal as we are all part of this world, and all exist in the same ways.

I really do hope that one day we can all be more accepting of who we already are. I believe there is so much within us all that needs encouraging and recognising, not just changing.

I am deeply committed to this work and have some allocated sessions for those who are on low incomes.